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Table 2 Environmental factors (and their abbreviations) used in the current study along with a description of their geographic scale. The fine scale refers to plot area (100 m2), and the broad scale refers to patch size (ranges from 9.5 to 787 ha)

From: Invasive alien plant species, fragmentation and scale effects on urban forest community composition in Durban, South Africa

Environmental factor Abbreviation Spatial scale
Tree IAPs T-IAPs Fine
Shrub IAPs S-IAPs Fine
Climbers IAPs C-IAPs Fine
Canopy cover Canopy C Fine
Canopy gap Canopy G Fine
Elevation Altitude Fine
Gravel Gravel Fine
Surface rocks Rock Fine
Patch size PS Broad
Patch connectivity index PCI Broad
Forest land similarity index For-LSI Broad
Grass land similarity index Gra-LSI Broad
Residence land similarity index Res-LSI Broad
Industry land similarity index Ind-LSI Broad