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Table 5 Comparisons between treatments for stand volume (m3 ha−1), recorded 2.5 years after treatment application in the Pinus radiata trial

From: Herbicide options for managing competitive vegetation during the establishment of Pinus radiata and Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii in Southland, New Zealand

Treatment comparisons Difference in stand volume P value Result
CTH-Oct vs CTH-Oct x2 (treatment 7 vs treatment 6) −2.40 0.001 Significantly lower volume where weed control was carried out in October of year 1 compared with control over both years. A 66% increase in volume where 2 years of control carried out.
CTH-Dec vs CTH-Dec x2 (treatment 9 vs treatment 8) −0.37 0.999 No significant difference in volume when weed control is carried out in December.
CTH-Dec x2 vs CTH-Oct x2 (treatment 8 vs treatment 6) −2.33 0.003 Significantly lower volume (64%) where weed control in year 1 and year 2 carried out in December rather than October.
Spot control 2 vs spot control 1 (treatment 5 vs treatment 4) 1.45 0.283 This difference was not significant. However, volume in spot control 2 treatment was 42% greater than that in spot control 1, indicating benefit of second year control.
  1. The difference in stand volume between the treatments, using the second treatment as the base, the significance of the comparison and context are described in the table