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Table 5 With- and without-upper-stem-diameter diameter prediction RMSEs for taper models investigated in previous studies

From: Use of upper stem diameters in a polynomial taper equation for New Zealand radiata pine: an evaluation

Author and year RMSE units RMSE
Model without upper stem diameter Model with upper stem diameter
Kozak (1998)a % 12.56 9.91
Kozak (1998)a % 10.80 8.45
Sharma and Parton (2009)a \( \frac{\mathrm{dob}}{\mathrm{dbh}} \) 0.787 0.5909
Sharma and Parton (2009)a \( \frac{\mathrm{dob}}{\mathrm{dbh}} \) 0.4915 0.3764
Yang et al. (2009) cm 0.7681 0.6708
Gómez-García et al. (2013) cm 1.55 1.43
  1. The studies included in this table are those where a range of upper stem diameters were investigated and RMSE reported. The ‘with-upper-stem-diameter’ model included in the table was the best performing upper stem diameter in the cited study
  2. aFor these authors, the second citation of the same author provides information on a second species that was investigated in the same study