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Table 2 Description of the seedlots planted in the experiment

From: Effects of stand density and seedlot on three wood properties of young radiata pine grown at a dry-land site in New Zealand

Breeding series Seedlot number Seedlot rating Description
“268 series” 88/201 GF16 Open-pollinated seedlot from the Brightwater seed orchard
“268 series” 90/294 GF25 Control-pollinated mix from the top 16 clones in the “268 series”
“850 series” 88/105 GF14 Open-pollinated mix of plus trees from Gwavas, Kaingaroa and Waimihia forests
“870 series” 89/15 GF13 (LI25) Open-pollinated mix from seven long-internode clones
“climbing select” 88/102 GF6 Climbing select from Kaingaroa and Rotoehu forests