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Table 2 Relative trunk diameter and secondary branches diameter and length increases, recorded from the beginning of the experiment (1 June 2011) to the end (8 November 2011)

From: Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) ecophysiological and morphological adaptations to drought and their consequence on biomass production and water-use efficiency

Treatment Trunk diameter increase1(%) Std Secondary branches diameter increase2(%) Std Secondary branches length increase2(%) Std
WA35 64.30a 10.78 89.43a 43.26 331.06a 388.48
WA70 55.04a 6.579 130.00a 51.29 255.70a 175.41
WA100 96.37b 19.33 168.55a 149.79 345.56a 285.81
  1. 1Parametric analysis: ANOVA, Post-Hoc analysis Tukey HSD (p < 0.05).
  2. 2Non parametric analysis: Mann–Whitney U-Test (p <0.05).
  3. *Different letterers indicate significant difference between the values.