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Table 3 Log grades and prices measured in Japanese Agricultural Standard cubic metres, free on board (loaded onto a ship at export port) as at Dec 2012 (MAF[2011b])

From: Assessing drivers of plantation forest productivity on eroded and non-eroded soils in hilly land, eastern North Island, New Zealand

Generic log type & pricing point Dec-12 quarter($) 12-quarter average($)a
EXPORT (NZ$ per Japanese Agricultural Standards m3free on board)b   
Pruned 144-190 168
Unpruned A grade 103-125 126
Unpruned K grade 90-121 116
Pulp 79-102 109
DOMESTIC (NZ$ per tonne delivered at mill)
P1 122-149 138
P2 111-123 118
S1 95-104 99
S2 90-97 95
L1 and L2 77-96 88
S3 and L3 77-86 81
Pulp 48-53 51
  1. aAverage log prices over preceding three years.
  2. bLog prices can be quoted at a number of different pricing points, such as "cost insurance freight" (or c.i.f., i.e., landed at an importing port), "free on board" (or f.o.b., i.e., loaded onto a ship at an export port), wharf gate, on truck, and at stump. Source: