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Table 2 Stand characteristics of the planted kauri at the DK site in 2009, compared with equivalent data for all plantations and natural stands (North Island) surveyed by Steward ([2011])

From: Raised in the wild south: a dendrochronological and dendrochemical profile of a far-southern stand of kauri (Agathis australis) on the Taieri Plain, Otago

Stand Characteristic
  Age (Years) Mean top height (m)1 Quad DBH2 Quad MAI3 Stems ha−1
DK only 55 23.8 30.6 0.56 875
All stands 54 20.0 33.1 0.63 804
  1. 1Mean Top DBH to the modelled DBH expected when kauri reach the theoretical ‘top height’ (i.e. felling age/proportion in a forestry sense) at age 50.
  2. 2‘Quad DBH’ refers to the Quadratic Mean Diameter at Breast Height.
  3. 3Quad MAI refers to ‘Quadratic Mean Annual Increment (ie. growth)’.